The owners of Sang and Serena share many passions of mine; traveling, sustainability, and good design.  Based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Sang and Serena seek to provide goods that combine being,  eco-luxe, East-meets-West, and old world- meets new needs. Eco-lux, means every Sang and Serena item is designed in the most environmentally conscious way possible.  Their pieces are rich in aesthetic and cultural influence.

The craftsmanship of their furniture is intricate, divine and like nothing else.  The inlay technique Sang and Serena’s work is primarily based around is very interesting in it’s old world tradition. With the furniture coming from the Indian state of Rajasthan, the inlay art is done by using regionally sourced bone and mother of pearl.

When I heard bone, I immediately asked myself, “how is this eco-lux? ”  It turns out the bone is extracted from camels that have naturally passed.  The pearl is separated from the outer shells of water dwelling mollusks.   The combination of the cream-colored, elegant and almost rustic bone mixed with the opalescent mother of pearl is absolutely magnificent.

These pieces are completely handmade and done in an old-world way, yet they are beautiful mixed in with modern day interiors and always make that perfect statement!

Here are some of my favorites from their furniture collection!

S & S Chest 

S & S Writing Desk

Offering it all, Sang and Serena also produces textiles and quilts.  Inspired again, by India’s textile printing techniques dating back 900 years, S & S has developed a textile collection that explores the traditional hand blocking and printing skills used as far back as the 1100s.  The fabrics created are bright, fresh and detailed in an amazing ethnic style I adore.

S & S Textiles