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Stripes are something that have always been in style and can be used in so many different ways.  Timeless, elegant and straightforward — the stripe can be made modern or traditional.  Want a stripe print that is soooo now?  Try the Chevron!  The Chevron stripe, zig-zag, herringbone, whatever you’d like to call it is popping up everywhere!  Chevron can be bold or subtle, bright or neutral.  It can be used in rugs, on drapes, in pillows and accessories!  Whichever way you chose to incorporate it into your life, Chevron is sure to create some personality and fun contemporary flare to your space!

Check out these fun Chevron filled spaces and find some of my favorites you can purchase yourself below!

Golden Peaks Rug – $598

Hand-Blocked Chevron Pillow Covers – $31

Rubie Green’s East Village (Raspberry) Chevron – $90/yd.

The Big One, Chevron Strip Lucite Serving Tray – $110

Black & White Chevron Placemat – $45


One Artist whom I love is Tracy Glover.  Known for her whimsical yet elegant glass lighting and decorative accessories, Tracy’s work takes me back to Murano.  Using Venetian glassblowing techniques to create her pieces, Tracy has a color sense that is playful, lighthearted and fresh.  It amazes me how she creates such seamless and beautiful pieces in not only solid colors, but also glass in wonderful patterns.

My senior year of college, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study design in Rome.  While in Italy, one of my fondest memories was travelling to Venice and taking the ferry over to Murano where we were able to watch glass being blown.  Watching the Glass Artists work really allowed me to gain an appreciation for what they do.  The technique is tricky, fragile and requires a good eye, really proving what a true skill it is.

Visit Tracy here to admire her work and learn why I adore her craft.

Cairn Ceiling Pendant

Candlestick Lamp

Genie Lamp

Licorice Stick Vase

Prospect Hill Door Knob

Prospect Hill Drawer Knobs

Lilly Pulitzer is back at it again, this time designing home furnishings!  Her bright and fresh collection will include everything from traditional shapes and mid-century classics offering bedroom, dining room and living room pieces.

We’ll see Palm Beach inspired case goods done in white finishes, mahogany veneers and colorful lacquers — with woven materials incorporated throughout.  Expect nothing less than fabulous with Pulitzer’s upholstery prints, which are designed for Lee Jofa.

Bring on color and bring on summer!  Lilly Pulitzer Home Furnishings will be available with Furniture Retailers this upcoming summer!

In extension of yesterday’s post, I’d like to introduce another sustainable vendor whom I’ve recently become familiar with and really love, Cisco Brothers. With a strong commitment to the environment, sustainable standards and nothing but organic beauty, Cisco Brothers is dedicated to creating attractive products that are healthy and environmentally conscious.

Handmade in Los Angeles, Cisco Brothers’ furniture is 100% FSC pure. FSC, for those who don’t know, stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international non-profit organization working to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. In 2008, a partnership began with Cisco and John Derian (one of my favorites of the design world), creating stylish, comfortable and well-crafted furniture using FSC certified woods, non-toxic glues and soy-based foams.

Recently, Cisco Brothers has also collaborated with Christophe Badarello from Door 30 on a new collection. This line also puts the environment first, again manufacturing the entire collection with FSC-certified hardwoods and reclaimed materials.

Visit Cisco Brothers here to find a retailer close to you. As a matter of fact, Greenhouse Eco-Friendly Living, a company in Brooklyn I spoke of yesterday is known for carrying some of Cisco’s products!

I just love finding these eco-friendly alternatives and sharing them!  Here are a few of my fave Cisco items…

Cisco Brothers

Beaumont 72 Sofa

Bebe Vanity Chair

Bentley Chair

Emma Bed

Morse Pendant Lamp LG

Spider Chandelier

Orleans Console

Katso Stool

Pouf 43 in Round

As an emerging designer, it’s important to me that I work towards my LEED certification and learn to create sustainable environments.  I strongly believe a real reason why a lot of people chose not to design ‘green’ is because they feel it is too much work.  People feel designing a green space is usually much more expensive (maybe upfront, but usually saves money long-term) or that the options are boring and lack personality.  Since living in New York City where there are endless resources available to designers, I’ve made it a mission to find eco-friendly options that are more budget friendly and will add character to any space.

For bedding, I’m in love with the bright coyuchi organic cotton bedding ABC has to offer.  These bedding options are cozy, colorful and really at a reasonable price when it comes to what you sleep on.

ABC Carpet & Home bed linens

For dishware, furniture, accessories, linens, etc. another great Brooklyn grown option is Greenhouse Eco-Friendly Living .  The thing that is so great about Greenhouse is not only their variety in home products but also the fact that they only support eco-friendly practices by strictly purchasing from companies that use sustainable, organic, renewable, recycled, locally manufactured, or non-toxic materials.

Greenhouse Eco-Friendly Living

With prices comparable to Craigslist, Furnish Green is a great choice for those on a stricter budget.  Furnish Green is all about rescuing, reusing and redecorating.  Restoring old furniture, accessories or lighting fixtures, this is a great way to add that unique piece that has a great history behind it to your space.  Even with Craigslist – like prices, Furnish Green offers delivery services, which can’t be beat!

Furnish Green

Another one of my favorite shops to browse in the city is Olde Good Things.  With locations all over the city and country (also in Los Angeles and Scranton, PA), Olde Good Things has a name that doesn’t lie.  Definitely for shoppers with a budget a little bit on the higher side, Olde Good Things carries everything from architectural details to furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures!  I love just browsing the store wondering what the story behind each piece is.  I wish I could afford something (mostly the old French clock frame pictured below), but instead I just take pictures for now and hope that someday when I have a bigger wallet I can find pieces like what I’ve found here!

Olde Good Things – Architectural Salvage & Antiques

These are only a few of my great ‘green’ finds in the city!  I look forward to sharing even more in future posts, so look back!

Looking for that perfect wall piece?  How about trying a Juju hat!  Whether hung above a bed, sofa, mantel, console table, piano, etc. a Juju hat works as a great focal point.  A Juju signifies beauty and cultural tradition, acting as that ideal accessory for the eclectic, chic and well-traveled individual.

What is a Juju hat you may ask?  A Juju is a traditional head dress worn by Village Chiefs in the Cameroon region of central Africa. Juju hats are made of beautiful bird feathers carefully hand sewn onto a raffia fiber base basket.  The feathers are sewn in a way where they fan out, creating a circular form.  Created from various patterned and colored bird feathers, Juju hats have become a favorite of many interior designers.

Juju hats make a stunning accessory on any color wall.  White Juju on white wall, orange on navy, pink on periwinkle, whatever way you work the Juju I’m sure you’ll be happy with the fresh burst of color it adds to your space!

Where to find a Juju?  Shop Table Tonic

Ready to prep your home for summer?  Nothing screams summer more than Calypso’s new St. Barth’s line for Target.  Set to hit ALL Target stores and May 1st through June 11th, the Calypso’s home line is compiled of fun bright colors including turquoise, lime greens, pinks, oranges and metallics!  Consisting of mainly dishware and home accessories, the collection is a perfect way to give your home that warm weather flare it needs for the season.  I’m excited to see Calypso has even created a cheaper version of the Moroccan pouf, which is clearly one of my current obsessions!

Calypso clothing for Target will also be available through August 15th!

The garden stool is a classic piece that can serve both functionally and aesthetically.  Great for spaces large and small, indoors or outdoors, it can be used as a side table, a tiny stool (shocking), a fragile ottoman, storage space in a bathroom or even just serve as a decorative piece. This is one accessory I’ve always had a crush on.  Not only can it offer a pop of unexpected beauty to a room, but it can also be used to decorate a room on a budget.  Below are some of my favorite spaces featuring garden stools.   They can be found in any shape or color, perfect for your home! West Elm Bubbles – $129 Gump’s Red & White Garden Stool – $249 Wisteria Gold Chinese Garden Stool – $129 Target’s Antique Garden Stool Flower Motif in Green – $200 Fine Garden’s Green-Yellow Asian Garden Stool – $177

I’m currently loving EVERYTHING Mid-Century Modern.  SWANK LIGHTING, a company that has been around for a few years now, is still at the top of my radar list.  Started by Ed Sexton and Doug Taylor, the swanky duo are known best for their Vintage Murano lamps as well as their one of a kind Rock Candy, Mineral and Coral lamps.  Something about the beautiful, curvaceous, colorful and oh-so delicate glass blown fixtures screams Betty Draper to me!

Lately, Mottega table lamps are just something I can’t seem to get enough of.  Seen all over design blogs and publications, recently appearing as a part of the Architectural Digest Design Show here in New York, these lamps are popping up everywhere!  Offered in nothing but, fashion forward colors and silhouettes that work in any setting from traditional to transitional and modern, these high-end table lamps are any designer’s dream!

What really makes Mottega stand out is the “design your lamp” feature.  Anyone can go online and personalize their lighting fixture by choosing everything including shape, color, base, finial and shade!

I had some fun test driving the site and creating my own lamps!  I decided to give them fun little names as well!  Check them out below…

This is “Barbie”

Say hello to “Lemon Drop”

and my favorite, “Daydreamer”