It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I missing blogging!  I look forward to being back and sharing what I love in the design industry these days!

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One thing I’ve always loved is the idea of decorating with scarves! Framed like a piece of art, sewn to cover a pillow, even drapped over a lamp shade, scarves are beautiful, silky and one of a kind.  Shop ebay or scour your grandmother’s closet for the perfect color, pattern and possibly vintage scarf !  Great as an alternative to everyday textiles, scarves can help boost your space in a budget friendly way!

Recently I stumbled upon the artwork of Happy Menocal on the blog of Tilton Fenwick, a new and favorite design firm of mine!  I love finding artists that are reasonably priced and help us adorn our homes with works of art more personal to us, like Menocal herself.

Happy’s name suites her work well.  Known for her unique subjects (the pet portraits are to die for), playful strokes and bright colors, Happy has collaborated with icons such as Jonathan Adler and Stubbs & Wootton.   Her paintings have graced the pages of House Beautiful, Town & Country, Vanity Fair and the newly acclaimed Tradhome.  You can find a small selection of prints on her website and she welcomes custom commissions via email.

Ohhh how I would love for her to paint a portrait of my pooches for my home office! 


Last Friday I had a meeting in the floral district on 30th between 7th and 8th.  While in the area I was drawn to something new, REBECCA COLE.  A full service floral, garden, interior design and event planning studio, Rebecca Cole’s vision is modern, eclectic, fresh and a bit on the rustic side.  Walking through the store I loved her beautifully distressed pieces.  Perfect for the summer, many of her pieces work well both indoors and outdoors! 

Today has been a VERY good day!  I can’t share too much information right now, but all I can say is that I have new adventures and opportunities coming my way.  I’m beyond thrilled and excited for the next couple of months and the career path I’m headed down!  With this said, I’m wanting to spread the sunshine for any of my readers that need a little love and light sent their way! 

So what is inspiring me most today?  Sunburst mirrors!  A sunburst mirror is timeless and something that can be purchased on the high or low-end, even DIY options are all over blogs today (check here)!  Brighten your space up with one of these golden wall jewels or just feel inspired by the rooms I love below!

Can I please go to Atlanta?  Why my recent obsession you may ask?  Because I want to visit Pieces, a sophisticated and youthful home décor store that’s filled to the brim with items inspired in style by Southern California and the Hamptons. 

Catering to designers, stylists and people all around the country who are simply passionate about design, Pieces is a great source for clean lined, one-of-a-kind and most of the time vintage furniture and accessories. 

Founded in 2004 by designer Lee Kleinhelter, Pieces has become well known (featured in Elle Décor, Country Living, InStyle, Domino, etc.) for her great eye and creative imagination.  Lee finds the pieces sold within her store and reinvents them, giving them new life, through rewiring, a fresh coat of paint, new upholstery, etc!  I absolutely adore Lee’s bright taste and her concept!  She’s a girl after my own heart, always wanting to give something a second chance. She salvages the old and used giving it a modern twist! 



Wall Decor 

Lamps – many paired versions available, as seen above!



Tables & Casegoods

It’s finally the weekend and I’m praying the weather cooperates so I can get in some long overdue beach time tomorrow!  With this said, nothing has been inspiring me more lately then interiors enriched with details from under the sea.  Coral, sea urchins, star fish, sea horses, etc. are things I’ve seen popping up in Interior Design ever since spring. 

Shop some of the looks I found below to bring a little ocean breeze into your home!

Vintage Blue Coral Lamp

Coral Chandelier

Coral Napkin Rings

Coral Votive Tree

“Color Me Coral” by Lilly Pulitzer for LEE JOFA

Sea & Nautical Pillows

Sea Urchin Table Lamp

Sea Urchin Vase

Sea Urchin Door Knobs

Shell & Coral Decor

I love my walk home from work every night.  I live on the Upper East Side, so a lot of the time I chose the route that takes me up Madison Avenue past all the beautiful boutiques.  One window I’ve passed for the last 2 years and that always seems to draw me in is that of the Gagosian Gallery across from the famous Carlyle Hotel.  Inside the windows are these adorable white porcelain West Highland Terrier (Westie) vases that never seize to grab my attention!  Overflowing with big silky pink roses, the Westie screams happiness, and is bound to grab attention in any room it resides. 

When I first discovered the pups a few years ago, I immediately researched how I could get my hands on one.  Unfortunately, I learned quickly that it’s basically impossible, unless I have a lot of money to spend at one of Christie’s auctions! 

Designed by American artist Jeff Koons, the Terrier that holds flowers was created after his 1992 commissioning of Puppy, a forty-three foot tall topiary sculpture of a Westie.  Puppy was executed in a variety of flowers on a steel substructure for an art exhibition in Germany.  From its introduction in Germany, the piece became so popular it was seen re-erected at a few museums throughout the world and has now become an iconic figure in the Contemporary Art world.  Koons is especially well known for his work reflecting balloon animals.  Produced in stainless steel and finished in a mirror-like material, the balloon replicas are something I come across every once and awhile throughout the city, and they always manage to make me smile!   

Innocent, charming and all around fun, the Puppy vase is one-of-a-kind and something I can only dream will sit in my home someday holding flowers.  Until then I’ll enjoy it from the windows!    



This Sunday I went to the Big Apple BBQ, and to my surprise came across Harry Allen’s famous piggy bank on a picnic table!  Allen’s iconic accessories never cease to amaze me.  I really feel he is one-of-a-kind and one of the most renowned designers of this day and age. 

Famous for his industrial, furniture and interior design work, Harry is best known for his cast line of useful objects, which are made from the real thing.  For example, his piggy bank is cast from a real piglet (don’t worry, it died of natural causes).  Other famous pieces include, a fruit bowl cast from real bananas, candles in the shape of light bulbs, creepy hands used as coat hooks, and much, much more. 

Of course the piglet is my favorite and I’m always excited when I find it.  Made of resin and marble, the dimensions are 10 x 2.5 x 18 inches.  The piggy bank is not only adorable, but also serves a great purpose, as do most of Allen’s accessories.  One will cost you a pretty penny (priced anywhere from $125-$220 depending on the color you chose), but they will hold up to $10,000 in dollar bills, so will definitely do the job for anyone no matter the size of their allowance! 

Here are some ideas on where you can place your pretty piggy to be not only functional but fashionable!  Shop Allen’s designs at AREAWARE. 

Check out some of these other accessories by Allen I mentioned above.

Banana Bowl

C’mere Hand Hook

Roller Stop (definitely one of my favorites)!

The Book Bookshelf

The Bulb Candle

This weekend while walking the city, I came across a charming and quaint home decor store I’d yet to discover since living in the city, William – Wayne & Co.

Honestly, I’m surprised this was the first time I’d come across the shop and I couldn’t have been happier to have stumbled upon it!  William – Wayne isn’t a place where you shop furniture, but is better suited for those looking to find decorative pieces and accessories for their homes.  With 2 locations in Manhattan, one on the Upper East Side and another on University Place, just above Washington Square Park, W-W& Co.  could be the ideal place to shop when looking for a beautiful coffee table book or even table top or dining ware piece.  Are you on the hunt for a housewarming or “Thank You” gift ?  Look no further, William-Wayne is bound to have something you’ll want to pass along!

A great place to shop offering something for everyone, their items are priced anywhere from under $50 to $3,000.   In discovering William – Wayne, I was also thrilled to learn that they have a Bridal Registry, which I think is wonderful with how many amazing China patterns, classic cloth napkins and keepsake items they carry!

Take a look at some of what they have to offer in my photos below!  (These were taken within their 40 University Place location)